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How it works

Irene Searle MBACP offers short (6-12 sessions) and long term (open-ended) counselling sessions. The nature of the therapy sessions will be steered by your needs. Short term sessions can be helpful when looking at particular issues such as stress at work, anxiety/panic attacks or relationship difficulties. Open-ended counselling can address deeper-rooted difficulties, such as problems with low self-esteem, depression or trauma linked to our past.

Why choose Psychodynamic Counselling?

Psychodynamic counselling embraces psychoanalysis, the aim being to bring the unconscious mind into conscious awareness - helping to unravel, experience, understand and resolve true and deep-rooted feelings.

Psychodynamic counselling aims to help people become more aware of themselves, to see their way of being in life more clearly and to know themselves better. It enables us to understand the pervasive underlying themes that generate difficulties in the way we relate to ourselves and other people. It can also be beneficial in understanding how problems and developmental difficulties in early life, adolescence and then into adulthood may have their roots in earlier experiences.

With this understanding clients can feel more at peace with themselves and be freer to make new and active choices about how to live in the present here-and-now.

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