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The Odiham Clinic, 2 High Street,
Odiham, Hampshire RG29 1LG

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Richmond Surgery, Richmond Close,
Fleet, Hampshire GU52 7US

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Monday to Friday: 9am-1pm, 2-6pm
Saturdays: 9am-1pm
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Sport and exercise (performance) nutrition is not just for athletes, but also for anyone who wants to nourish their body to achieve optimum health and performance for the challenges of every day life. By working in partnership to improve your diet’s nutritional value and by ensuring that you are fuelling your body for your lifestyle you will have more energy, have better cognitive function, and generally feel better and more energised.

How it works

Initial consultations are centred on dietary analysis, in order to establish your individual needs. Thereafter follow-up consultations are personalised accordingly, to provide monitoring and advice. Depending on you, you may only need one consultation to confirm that you are meeting your goals, or you might prefer to have nutritional support over a period of time to help you to make changes.

Also available

  • One off dietary analysis using Nutritics software
  • Body composition analysis (anthropometric measurements) using precise skinfold measurements
  • Dietary coaching for weight management
  • Meal planning

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